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工作EQ,从小开始 2018-02-06

"Every June, students graduated from school, step into workplace。 The younger are smarter, assertive and brave in expressing themselves than their predecessors, but whether they are Generation X or Generation Y, when these young people enter into the workplace, they are not as good as the school records. Quite a few employers are puzzled. Where is the problem? Professor Shan will talk about this issue for us. "


Not proportional to IQ and EQ

In Daniel Goldman's book< Work EQ>,he mentioned that "as their IQs become clever and their EQs decline, the children of this generation have more emotional distress than the previous generation." When they are growing up, they are more likely to feel lonely, depressed, angry, unruly, nervous, anxious, and aggressive. This phenomenon poses a rather knotty problem to the workplace. The worker's emotional and intelligence deficiencies are increasing day by day, especially in response to freshman in the workplace, the situation is even more serious. "


In China, the new generation has already had such a problem. Nowadays, many business owners or supervisors think that young people generally unable to bear hardship, they have no patience, and also have high demands on the company but cannot satisfy the company's expectations.


Since the children's high IQ, why do such acts occur? Parents excessive preoccupation with children, only to ask them "just read the book, and other things if not related to the exam is worth noting." Under such an education system, there are only strict requirements on children's academic performance, but neglected to raise children's moral education and emotional quotient, which has caused many headaches for parents.


IQ high children easily get good grades, but if you are clever, you will not exercise well, you will develop opportunistic, just trying to ease the bad habits; innate IQ and qualifications are not easy to change, but EQ can penetrate After-day training, the personality will be more mature.


The so-called level of IQ is a misunderstanding of many parents. Until now, scientists believe that the inheritance of IQ from their parents accounted for 46%, while 54% are from the environment (including the society) and parents. The teachers give a scientific and reasonable Enlightenment and timely manner.


We need to know that 54% of these children are "variable." It is for their parents and teachers to know when the various sensitive periods of their children occur and to grasp the "timing" as well as their inspiration or induction so that children can start from birth , Educated by their parents, become brilliant.


Work EQ in Montessori Classroom

Many parents visiting Montessori Park feel incredible about the seriousness of their children's attention to teaching aids. Impressions of children are not all bounces, playing all day playing, moment of silence?


Dr. Montessori found out from the children that in the children's life, the game is of secondary importance and does not make sense. The game is only played when no more valuable work can be done. What is even more interesting to them is that Work to grow up. When she saw a three-year-old girl in a children's home and repeatedly operated cylinders with sockets, Montessori counted the number of her operation and found that she had stopped for forty-two times and her face was full Happy, satisfied look, the little girl in the operation process not only concentrate on the singing of other children is even more deaf ears, without any impact.


In Montessori classrooms, children are free to choose teaching aids and carry out the work they want to do. Whether they are down, scooping, grasping, turning or clamping, they all need to concentrate and coordinate their hands and eyes. These seemingly monotonous and repetitive tasks can be organized, categorized, paired and combined to cultivate a sense of order and systematization, thus leading children step by step toward growth.


Children devoting themselves to their work, will be repeatedly repeated operation, attaining skill, and teaching aids in the "error control" design, automatic detection of errors, and then improve. This ability to cultivate self-control helps to deal with chaotic emotions and impulse control in the future. However, the teaching environment for mixed-aged teachers and students can help children develop teamwork and teamwork and adapt to the environment.


In the process of child development, the most valuable is the "spontaneous" learning, normalization of children's work, all due to internal drive to drive them to do it automatically, and you want to strive to improve or achieve excellence standards . The normal children's personality traits in the concentration, work, discipline, gregarious, will be gradually carried out in the process.


Most people often use the "ability" to describe the affirmation of work performance, the greatest joy of work, not that their efforts can be recognized by others?


Jeff Hayes, a consultant at Hay / Mc Ber in Boston, found that "professional competence is not the cause of the difference between good and average employees," and IQ does not completely determine who succeeds? Who failed? When both professionalism and IQ fail to dictate an individual's job performance, "job EQ" becomes the key to dealing with the problem.


In addition to the qualities of self-esteem, adaptability, communication and resistance in work EQ, to be a good worker, you must be able to love and enjoy yourself. Otherwise, "having a good job" is absolute Can not equate to "be able to do a good job."


For most adults, work seems to be heavy, boring, having to do what it takes to survive. Adults can not love work as children do, because the meaning of work for children is "the establishment of oneself", so that one constructs a mature and complete personality. However, adults must also affirm themselves from their continuous work to make their lives more fulfilling. To possess such convictions and motivations, we need to start training as a child.


People are always interested in doing their utmost to do, early childhood is more focused than adults. To make children love their work, they must be able to draw attention to their work, make the best use of their activities and the design of teaching aids, or give their children the freedom to choose their jobs. They will make them feel entertained and enjoy themselves.


Starting from early childhood, children are taught about the importance and necessity of their work. Once the correct concept is formed, they can do whatever they want with the right attitude. Even if at work, life experiences difficulties, frustrations, anger, anxiety, will be working EQ presented the ability to solve the problem to resolve.



Today, many traditional concepts have been broken one by one, intelligence is no longer the key to determining the success of individuals. Only breaking the achievement-oriented education, cultivating children's personal skills, triggering the potential of children in order to allow children to have a correct attitude to do everything. When a person can "dedication music group", will naturally get real happiness. Parents raise their children, the biggest wish is not to hope that children can have a happy life? This is definitely more important than cultivating a highly educated or famed child and makes more sense!


This article is from the montessori bimonthly Shan Weiru / oral Zhou Xiaoyi / finishing